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Madchild – Underground Monsters

01.The Adventures of the Super Beast the Rapid Fire (ft . Hiway)
02.Beast the Power (ft. the AO)
03.The Little Things (ft. Joseph Rose is)
04.Fuccboi (ft the Bass Head A x the Music Tech N9ne)
05.Hulk Smash the (ft. x Intrinzik McNastee)
06.X- Acto (ft. x Prevail the AO)
07.DSYDS (ft. x of Ca $ Killjoy a His)
08.Underlord (ft. the AO x Intrinzik)
09.Last Supper (ft. Swollen Members Active)
10.Dickhead (ft. Mickey the Avalon)
11 Dresses .man (ft. x Fury has Intrinzik)
12.Jeckyll the Hyde & (ft. Dreadeye)
13.Supremely Villianous (ft. Supreme is Villain)
14.The Illumindustry the Music (ft. Jynx the INC)
15.Underground Monsters
16.Hulk Smash the ( the Remix Rideout) (ft x Intrinzik McNastee).
17.Everybody Knows (the Remix Rideout) (ft x Blaze ya Intrinzik of Dead Homie x the Q Strange).

Madchild - Underground Monsters